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The NBPA Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of its members and to providing support and assistance to persons, communities and organizations throughout the world that seek to improve the lives of those in need.

The NBPA Foundation is organized and operated to (a) receive and administer funds for charitable or educational purposes and (b) to make awards or gifts to other corporations, associations, or trusts organized and operated for charitable or education purposes, no part of the net income of which inures to the benefit of any private individual having a personal or private interest in the activities of such organization.

Application Process
Applications for grants and sponsorships are accepted by invitation only.  All funding requests must be submitted electronically via the NBPA Foundation grants portal.  If you are a first-time user of this portal, please send an email to to request login credentials. To request a complete set of application guidelines, send an email to

Grant Guidelines
The following Grant Guidelines (the “Guidelines”) specify the policies and procedures pursuant to which the NBPA Foundation will disburse funds as grants and/or sponsorships.  

The NBPA Foundation will not support organizations that discriminate against a person or group on the basis of age, political affiliation, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religious belief.

In addition, as a general rule, the NBPA Foundation does not provide grants for or support events organized to benefit the following:
  • Individuals for personal purposes (i.e., for scholarships, stipends, fellowships, personal assistance, etc.);
  • Individual sports teams;
  • For-profit ventures;
  • Religious groups for religious purposes;
  • Capital campaigns, endowment funds or memorials;
  • Bricks and mortar, other capital projects, or the purchase of capital equipment;
  • Lobbying, political or fraternal organizations or activities;
  • Conferences or symposia that are not connected to current NBPA Foundation grants;
  • Concerts, theater or media performances, or art exhibitions that are not connected to current NBPA Foundation grants;
  • Disease-specific projects, with the exception of initiatives aligned with our guidelines;
  • Ongoing programs of public or private colleges and universities;
  • Operating expenses and ongoing services of either public or voluntary hospitals.
Please note that the foregoing list may be revised or amended at any time pursuant to resolution of the NBPA Foundation Board of Directors.

The NBPA Foundation reserves the unqualified right to reject or deny any application that is submitted.  The NBPA Foundation also reserves the right to grant sponsorships or disburse Foundation funds to certain 501(c)(3) public charities without the submission of an application, provided, however, that the recipient otherwise complies with the Funding Limitations established by these Guidelines.

Applications are assessed based on the strength of the application, the operations of the potential recipient organization, and the extent to which the proposed program or organization's mission is aligned with the NBPA Foundation’s mission and program agenda.  Applications are not judged by the personal profile of the applicant or any relationship with the NBPA or its members. 

Please allow 12 weeks from the application deadline for a decision on your funding request.  You will be notified by email as soon as your request for a grant has been determined. 

 Renewals of grants or sponsorships are not automatic and cannot be guaranteed.